Calling all developers with an ambition to create real-world change with decentralized peer-to-peer communication tools and secure control of internet connected assets.

Zovolt Ltd will be launching some real changes in the ability to deliver Blockchain solutions for real world business operations.

Zovolt designed, developed and operates the open source project known as Streembit(™) and as the business brings this technology to more markets and commercial use cases, we are seeking qualified full stack developers or those developers with either strong front end and back end skills in the frameworks and languages we use:-

  • Backend – Nodejs, Linux, Postgres SQL,
  • Frontend – CSS, HTML5 developer, KnockoutJS, Bootstrap4, Javascript

This is an excellent opportunity for creative and experienced developers to work with frontend and backend elements of our solution. You will work directly with a highly skilled software development team to assist us to deliver and improve the next-generation computing paradigm with exponential growth to transform digital markets and the associated economy.  


This is an important and significant project which requires a willingness to be able to work remotely on code; sometimes without documentation. Successful delivery of the project will mean further opportunity for career development.

Do you want to become part of a long-term opportunity?

Our vacancies are suitable for people who want to champion decentralized computing and sustainable open source projects. We are at the start of the journey, and early collaborators will have many avenues of opportunity available to them as we launch new projects and engagements.


We work with remote workers so with the right skills and attitude to the business you can be located almost anywhere globally and work with Zovolt Ltd.

We actively want to recruit developers who clearly take pride in the projects they work on.  You will demonstrate passion for your development and will strive to create the best code that you can.  As a remote worker you will know how to communicate effectively online, how to update others in the team with your progress and know when you need support.