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State of Streembit

We have just started Streembit. Our aim is to improve the system and create a more robust, secure and usable software.

We have created and made available for download the very first version of Streembit. This project aims to deliver a solution that no one has done before: a fully open sourced, completely free, decentralised, peer to peer communication system. This is so that people and businesses can keep their communication safe from third party, centralised, corporate service providers as well as from hackers, industrial espionage and patrolling government agencies.

This is the very first version of the software and there is always room for improvement. It is especially true in the case of this very complex system. We will continue working to make the system more robust, secure and usable. We will deliver new features. By the nature of software engineering, there is not possible to write a perfect software. Therefore, despite our best effort to avoid them – there will be bugs and most likely usability and conceptual issues in the released application. We will be fixing these and releasing patches as quickly as we can. The amount of work we will be able to do depends on resources, so we appreciate your donations very much. Going forward, they would help us tremendously. donations. It help us tremendously to go forward, thank you very much for your generosity and support!

We aim to expand our team by working together with more developers, cryptographers and security experts. Please join us to create a better and more usable software. Alternatively, send us your suggestions as to how can we make the software more secure, what we should change in the application and what features could be integrated into it.

Check out the other open source projects I have contributed. You can contact me at [email protected] if you have any questions or comments.